Not Without Mercy The Black Death

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About Phillip C. Wright

Mr. Wright is not new to the publishing world, neither is he a novice at writing. In fact, he has worked professionally as a writer, director, and producer of television and radio productions, commercials, documentaries, and infomercials. He won the coveted Silver Telly Award for a television production for THE YELLOW JACKET TRAP, by Stirling International, two other Telly Awards, and five Silver Microphone awards on radio commercials for Nissan.

Phillip C. Wright is a resident of Bountiful, Utah. He has been married to Shaun (McKinney) Wright since 1982. They are the parents of seven children, and they have seven grandchildren.
He has written and directed numerous plays including a full-length musical re-creation with Brett Raymond called "First Light" with an original cast over 200 people.

Phill is in the process of publishing several new books. The NOT WITHOUT MERCY series begun with the first volume, THE BLACK DEATH. The series will contain at least two more volumes, book two, THE PASSAGE HOME, to be released the end of 2016 and book three, REDEMPTION, will be released in 2018, along with two other books, TIME AND TIME AGAIN and THE ARM OF THE FLESH.

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