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Not Without Mercy The Black Death hits #24 on Best Seller List!

January 5, 2015

The first volume of the Not Without Mercy series, The Black Death, hit a Best Seller milestone on by reaching number "24" in the book category of historical/infectious disease. Although the story is based in the midst of the Black Plague of 1348, it was never my intention to write a book about infectious disease. However, if it made it to the  Best Seller list on numerous occasions, I'll gladly take the accolades, especially considering that there are millions of books available on

 From time to time, I receive personal email from my readers telling me how the story gave them hope, or helped them deal with challenges in their own lives. I remind people, especially at book signings, that this is not a history book, it is a novel and a story of how a family survives the Black Plague.  Occasionally, someone will buy the book expecting a no- fiction history of the Black Plague in medieval Europe, only to  be frustrated when they discover that it doesn't focus on the Black Plague, but on a family. A couple of reviewers called it a soap opera, one even gave it only one star calling it a "A poor soap opera."  I haven't lost any sleep over her comments, especially when over 70% of the reviewers gave it 5 stars and the average is 4 stars.

 I didn't start out to write a history book.  However, my book is packed with history, especially the chapter notes.  I intended to write a story of faith, family, love, hope, and redemption. I will admit that book one has more grammatical errors than I would like, my publisher insisted on publishing it even after three edits,but  I am happy with the story.  As of this post 1/5/2015, I am nearly finished with book two, The Passage Home.  And for those who want to focus on the technical instead of the story, I will also be releasing a re-edited second edition of book one, The Black Death. 

 Here are some of my favorite comments from those who kindly posted reviews about my book on;  

 "Such a great book! This looks like a long book, but you will be so drawn in time will fly by. The characters are developed in a way that you feel like you know them, and are on the same long journey. The story is set during the plague, even if you do not know anything about the plague, the author will have you feeling like an expert by the end. Faith, family, and ties are tested during a dark time, who will last?"

 " I am more of a romantic fiction reader with all the happy endings but since the author is a cousin I decided I would like to give it a try. I started it and decided it was too depressing a subject for me so I put it away for awhile. Then one day decided to give it another try and could not stop reading. Great story filled with people you fall in love with and though heart-wrenching at times I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Looking forward to book 2."

  "I'm not anywhere finished with this book and am thoroughly enjoying it! "

 " I love historical fiction, if it is done right; the characters must make it believable for me. I not only got a sense of the country and it's turmoil, but I fell in love with the characters. They became real to me. I lived their hardships and felt their grief, fear, love, and faith. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get lost in a story and come away wanting more."

 "Phill has the unique ability to pull you into the lives of the characters and make you feel as though you are right there with them. As I was reading this story, I felt as though I was sharing in all of their sorrows, fears, and joys. I could almost smell the smells and feel the physical pain that some of the characters endured."

 I  never intended to write a book that would become everyone's favorite; an unrealistic task. I simply had what I believed to be a wonderful story to tell, and I felt compelled to tell it. The characters, their lives and the setting have all become real to me.  I see them in my dreams and I long to know more of their story.  I am very excited to release book two very, very soon!


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