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Why write an Historical/Fiction and Why read it?

September 10, 2013

The first thing I tell my readers at book signings and other author events, is that this is not a book about the Black Plague.  It is a book about a family who survives death in the midst of the world's most horrific killer.  It is a story about life, love, faith, courage, hope and redemption. 

I created over 100 characters in this series, including many characters who actually lived during this time.  Not Without Mercy is filled with adventure, intrigue, soul searching, drama, suspense, love stories, faith in God and a host of other human emotions. 

I wrote the story because I could not get the constant dreams about these people and their lives out of my head.  It has been exciting for me as a writer to see their stories come to life.  It has also been exciting to see how this story has inspired real people.  I have met with and spoken to many who have been touched by book one, The Black Death; many who have related to a specific character that has had a profound impact on their lives. 

My book sales have been incredible.  I cannot thank my new fans enough for your support!  I have suspended all book signing and PR engagements so that I can focus on finishing books two and three.  I hope to have book two, The Passage Home, on shelves by the end of the year.    Thank you again for reading my book.  Remember, that you have many options to read Not Without Mercy The Black Death (536 pages), Hard Cover, Paperback or the e-Book versions.  My book is available at Barnes & Noble, Hastings and many other book stores nationwide. But some of the best prices are found on As of this post my e-book version is only $2.99!

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